How to Keep Your Dog Away from Your Rubbish

Are you in charge of a busy household where you need to deal with not just your partner but also several kids and ageing parents? If so, your kitchen may feel like an assembly line where food is constantly running from the pantry to the oven and onwards to the table. You've got your work cut out as it is, but you've also got a couple of four-legged friends to deal with, and your dog, in particular, may be particularly interested in the rubbish generated by your activity. If you're constantly having to clean up the rubbish due to the attention of your dog, what can you do to make life a little easier in this regard?

Under Investigation

Dogs are naturally inquisitive and have a very sensitive nose to help them with their investigations. You may transfer all of your rubbish to a bin or bag that is within their reach, and, when you're not looking, they will make a beeline. They won't stop until they get to the bottom of the situation to see if there is anything inside that they can eat but they will inevitably create a tremendous mess for you to deal with.


Of course, you should avoid putting any food into your rubbish and instead put it into a waste recycling container instead. Keep this type of box on the kitchen counter where it may be out of reach for the average canine. Make sure that you get rid of this every couple of days by sending it to the recycling unit or by using it to compost your garden.

Out of Reach

Try putting your rubbish bags out of reach and somewhere that the dog can't access. Maybe you can put it in an adjacent utility room and then use a child gate to stop the dog from reaching the rubbish.


Alternatively, get a stock of biodegradable rubbish bags and process one every day. This will not only fool your dog, but it will help you avoid those nasty smells that are linked to week old waste.


If you're really stuck, consider using commercial dog repellent and spray it liberally around the rubbish bin or bag. This should keep them at bay, although you may not be too happy at spraying any form of chemical in your kitchen.

Best Course of Action

It may be better to talk with rubbish removal services and schedule a more frequent pickup. This will help you maintain your sanity and salvage that loving relationship with your dog.